Hi, I’m Martin! đź‘‹

I’m a security and privacy enthusiast from Vienna, Austria.

Security and Privacy Link to heading

My current interest is in privacy-preserving smartphone ecosystems like GrapheneOS or /e/OS , as well as network traffic analysis of all kind and monitoring of IoT devices. I despise stalkers, and think that Apple AirTags are spooky. Most recently I started exploring the automotive security domain, you can find a talk I gave here .

Logo of the Foundation for Applied Privacy

At the moment I serve as the chairman of the Foundation for Applied Privacy which I also helped creating. We operate multiple high-bandwidth Tor Exit nodes since 2018, and offer public DNS resolver services that encrypt queries using DNS-over-HTTPS or DNS-over-TLS .

Forensic services Link to heading

Since 2017 I am a court-certified expert witness in the Austrian judiciary system, for the domains Digital Forensics (“Forensische Datensicherung, Datenrekonstruktion, Datenauswertung” 68.62) and IT Security (“IT Sicherheit, Datenschutz, VerschlĂĽsselung und Signaturerstellung, Virenschutz” 68.60).

I can assist and have specialised in the following analysis methods:

  • network analysis, malicious websites and email communication
  • analysis of encrypted hard drives e.g. using BitLocker, FileVault or LUKS
  • Tor-related investigations (Tor hidden services, aka “Darknet”)