I enjoy reading (technical) books, a lot! That’s why I have decided to keep a public record on things I read, and how I liked them.

The links for each book are affiliate links at Amazon, and all revenue will be directly converted to Tor exit bandwidth . This list will be constantly updated:

  • “Extremely Hardcore” , by Zoë Schiffer: 4/5, about the crazy times once Elon Musk took over Twitter. Did align well with my personal experiences as a (now ex-)Twitter user at that time.
  • “Schweizer Geheimnisse” , by Munzinger, Obermaier, Obermayer: 3/5, solid read and important work, but not as exciting as I hoped for.
  • “Attack surface” , by Cory Doctorow: 5/5, plain awesome! 3rd book in the series of “Little Brother” and “Homeland”, and I enjoyed each of them.
  • “Number Go Up” , by Zeke Faux: 5/5, really insightful on the overall crazyness of the cryptotoken bubble. Plenty of fraud, billions of $, and FTX inbetween.
  • “Tracers in the Dark” , by Andy Greenberg: 5/5, splendid summary of all the different large, criminal Bitcoin cases of the past decade and how the involved culprits were identified. Covers SilkRoad, BTC-e, AlphaBay, Welcome to Video and the overall creation of Chainalysis, including the first-hand stories of the involved investigators.

To be continued …